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Welcome to the Okotoks Block Parent Site

The Okotoks BP program has been serving this community for over 20 years !

Why donít you become a part of the largest crime prevention program in Canada?

Okotoks is a young & vibrant community that is rapidly growing. It is a great town for children to grow up in - let's help keep it that way!

In todayís mobile society, we often donít know people who live only a few houses away, many adults work outside their home and without BP volunteers a terrified child could go to several homes before finding someone to help

BP provides an element of security in a world that often seems insecure to a child.

More Block Parent homes are needed in all areas. We need to increase the number so that there is a safe home on every street for our children to use, should the need arise.

We also need volunteers to help with projects such as school presentations.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

There are no meetings to attend and no costs involved. You just have to take a minute to complete the application form and mail it in.

Click here to download the application

When you receive your sign, you simply display it in the window when you are home and available to answer your door. You decide when you want to "be on duty".

The Okotoks Block Parent Association is appreciated, endorsed and supported by the Okotoks Detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, we at The Okotoks Block Parent Program appreciate their support too !

All citizensí benefit from a safer community whenever the police and community combine their efforts.

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